“6 Reasons Why I Do Not Attend Your Congregation.”

I’m cleaning out some old files in my office. I came across this article I had stored away in my “Visitor” file. It caught my attention. It may help help you and your congregation as well.

“This is written from the perspective of a visitor. Last year, my family and I took the entire month of February away from local ministry and travelled to various congregations, both near and far, and enjoyed some time visiting. We learned much about the attitudes of congregations towards visitors and it is reflected in the words below.

Let the words challenge you and make you uncomfortable. If they anger you, get up and do something about them. If you think they are right, get up and change the way your congregation is seen in your community. Here they are.”

  1. “When I visited, you asked me to fill out a visitor card, talked about how much you appreciate visitors but no one spoke to me.”
  2. “I saw no joy in your congregation. As the church sang, “To Canaan’s Land” no one was smiling and they sang like a funeral. I thought Jesus was a joy not a bore.”
  3. ” I saw a Bible, but I never saw Bibles. I thought Christians were people who studied the book not talked about studying the book.”
  4. “Your services talked about being lights in a dark world, but I never heard of your congregation before today. You said your church has been around for 50 plus years and I grew up here and never knew of you.”
  5. “I felt awkward because I had to sit on the second row because all of your members sat in the back and on the aisle seat. They seemed glued to their chairs.”
  6. “You saw that I had children and no one helped me find a Bible class. There were no signs on the doors to help along the way.”

Just some thoughts!

I can’t read the author’s name on the article, otherwise I would post it.

Thoughts? Do you agree?

Simple Ways To Reach The Lost

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When it comes to reaching the lost, it’s not Rocket Science. Rocket Science is difficult.

I’m actually teaching a class on reaching the lost right now.

New Workbook I’m using in Bible class.

Evangelism is not. Sure, it will take some time because we are dealing with heart, John 4:34-38. But it’s something every Christian can do and should be involved in doing.

Go and make disciples. While Jesus said that to the apostles in Matthew 28:19-20, Christians in the first century also went and made disciples, Acts 8:1-4.

The same is to be true for Christians as well.

A brother in Christ has reminded me for years how easy reaching the lost really is.

Open Your Eyes.

Open Your Mouth.

Open Your Bible.

When we do these simple things, watch what happens. You might be amazed.