Ask Questions

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As you read your Bible be sure to ask yourself some questions.

Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What is talking?
  2. The person that is speaking, who are they talking to?
  3. What is the setting of the verses I’m reading?
  4. Where is this event taking place?
  5. How might other passages relate to what I’m reading here?

I Was Prom King…But My Son Will Not Be Prom King

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Somehow I won prom king my senior year in High School! How did I win it? I have no clue. 

How did I even get nominated? No clue! 

When they announced the winner of King it went like this…

“The winner of prom King is Corey Le…I mean Benjamin Lee.”

I think the announcer was even surprised. Oh well, anyway I won prom king, big deal. The metal they gave me broke later that night!

I don’t believe I was even dating the girl I went with to the dance (if my memory is correct). The girl in the picture was prom queen. I was home by midnight. No hotel room for me. No drinking for me. No prom kiss. 

The dance was at the Union on the University of Illinois campus (again if memory is correct).

I was a terrible dancer! Many would say what I did was not dancing, but something closer to the Elaine dance from Seinfeld. 

I won prom king…but my son Joshua will never win prom king! He won’t be at the prom. 

I can remember going to a dance in the 8th grade. Boys on one side and girls on the other. As the night progressed I gathered the courage to ask a girl named Suzanne to dance with me. 

She said…”No.” Crushed, devastated, embarrassed…

I went to dances in high school! I remember the dances in high school in the cafeteria. It was dark, loud, and hormones were often raging. There were chaperones, but I don’t know what they did. They stood there as young teens were all hugged up on each other. 

Things have changed since 1996. I know what happens on the dance floor at many of these dances. It’s teenagers rubbing up on each other for a few hours, who then have access to a hotel room (how does that happen) with the expectation of having sex. Some may say, “That’s an extreme.” Is it? 

Many of the girls wear dresses that you think would make dads cringe!

 Their breasts are about to fall out of the dress. Some of these girls are half naked. 

Many of these boys already have the expectation that sex is going to happen. Condoms are available, beer is available, and something is going to happen because it’s prom night. 

I went to prom, won prom king, but My son Josh won’t be going! 

Google prom dances and you may be surprised what happens at these dances. Maybe not… 

I just did. Something that popped up is “prom dancing grinding.” Yep! Even Google agrees with me! 

Girls backsides are rubbing up on the boy’s private area. For hours! 

The only thing stopping these kids from having sex are the few articles of clothing they are wearing. And it’s in public! Sex on the dance floor. The same thing happened in college. Yep! I know, I was there on the dance floor. I did it. Not proud of it. My son ain’t going. 

I went to prom and won prom king. But my son will not. It would not be good for him to be in that environment. 

I felt like if I didn’t go to the dances that I would be left out. I think a lot of kids feel that way. But it’s a dance. If you don’t go, you are not missing anything. 

There is a great temptation for sure. Teenagers hormones are all over the place. It’s not a good idea to put them in a situation like that. 

Parents, do you want your daughter grinding on guys with erections at prom? Parents, do you want your son grinding on a girl with an erection? 

Is that graphic? Not with what’s happening in many high schools.  I’m just telling you what happens at these dances. 

Are we encouraging our children to take the next step and to just go ahead and have sex? For some, I guess they don’t care. Some parents give their kids condoms, which is basically the green light to do what they want. What? 

Some parents will give their children access to liquor and even a hotel room! What??? 

I know some will not like what I’m saying. I don’t care! 

I went to prom and won prom king, but my son will not be going. One thing I do like about the picture above is that the girls dress covered her. Even my dates dress fully covered her. Now it’s a contest of how much skin can be shown.

Parents, do you want your kids to be mimicking sexual moves on the dance floor? I’ve heard that some schools are canceling their dances because they are so out of control. Google that! 

Maybe Josh will get a tux and go out to a good dinner with his friends. I’ve heard parents do that. I like that idea. 

But I know what goes on at prom dances. I won prom king. But he will NOT! 

Proverbial Family: Raising Children to be Ants

Great thoughts here. Lots of lessons to learn from Ants.

Truth in Love

Oh, will they ever learn,
These kids I’m trying to raise?
When will they take responsibility,
So I can give them praise?

I tell them over and over,
But it doesn’t seem to stick;
When will it ever get through,
That skull that’s so thick?

Ah ha, a glimmer of hope,
After years and years;
They did it without prodding,
This will help my fears.

Another success today,
Maybe all won’t be doom;
I see proof of my efforts,
As I watch them bloom.

Parents, I feel your pain and frustrations. You try and try to get your children to be more responsible — to think ahead, to take initiative — without you having to always remind them.

You’re raising them to be like the ant in the proverb. Not a sluggard — which is what it seems many times they will be — but a mature, independent ant that…

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Simple Ways To Reach The Lost

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When it comes to reaching the lost, it’s not Rocket Science. Rocket Science is difficult.

I’m actually teaching a class on reaching the lost right now.

New Workbook I’m using in Bible class.

Evangelism is not. Sure, it will take some time because we are dealing with heart, John 4:34-38. But it’s something every Christian can do and should be involved in doing.

Go and make disciples. While Jesus said that to the apostles in Matthew 28:19-20, Christians in the first century also went and made disciples, Acts 8:1-4.

The same is to be true for Christians as well.

A brother in Christ has reminded me for years how easy reaching the lost really is.

Open Your Eyes.

Open Your Mouth.

Open Your Bible.

When we do these simple things, watch what happens. You might be amazed.

What Makes The Resurrection Unique?

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What is it that makes the resurrection of Jesus so important? What makes it so unique? Here’s why I’m asking this question. When you study the Bible you will find that a lot of people were raised from the dead.

  • Elijah raised the widow’s son from the dead, 1 Kings 17:21-22.
  • Elisha raised a boy back from the dead, 2 Kings 4:32-35.
  • In 2 Kings 13:20-21, a dead man who was thrown in the tomb of Elisha came back to life!
  • Jesus in Luke 7:11-16 would raise a widow’s son to life.
  • Jesus raised Lazarus who had been dead for four days back to life, John 11:43-45.
  • After the death of Jesus some who had died were resurrected, Matthew 27:52-53.
  • The apostles had the power to raise people back to life, Acts 9:36-43.
  • I’ve said all of this to show that there were quite a few who were raised from the dead.
  • Jesus was too, John 20:1-7. But what made His resurrection so unique? How would you answer that? Let’s consider a couple of things.

Some reasons that make the resurrection of Jesus so unique. 

First, Jesus predicted His death and resurrection and it came to pass as He said it would. Jesus told many that He would die and be raised from the dead, John 2:19-22; Matthew 12:40. Unlike the others who were resurrected, none of them predicted their death, much less their resurrection. But Jesus did. People can make claims of what will happen, but claims have to be backed up. That’s what Jesus did, John 10:17-18. That’s what makes His resurrection even more special.

Second, the prophets predicted the resurrection of Jesus. None of the prophets predicted the resurrection of the men and women we read about. But the prophets predicted the resurrection of Jesus, Acts 2:25-28.

Third, Jesus rose from the grave never to die again. While others were resurrected, they eventually died. None of them are still alive on the earth. If they were, they would have more Twitter followers and more Facebook likes than anyone in the world! And none of them ascended into heaven alive. But that’s not the case with Jesus. Jesus rose to life never to die again, Romans 6:9. He ascended into heaven never to die again, Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 1:17-18. His resurrection is unique because He will never see corruption again, Acts 13:34.

Fourth, the resurrection of Jesus is unique because it declared Him to be the Son of God. The resurrection of Jesus pointed to His divine nature, Romans 1:4. A miracle itself didn’t mean that the person who worked it or who it was performed on was deity. The resurrection of people like Tabitha didn’t mean she was deity. But in the case of Christ, it did. Now we need to consider another question.

How important is the resurrection of Jesus to us?

How has the resurrection of Jesus affected our lives? How should it affect our lives? Check out this blog I did a few years ago about the impact it should have on us.

While it’s great to know these facts about Jesus and His resurrection, they must change our lives for the better. The resurrection of Jesus changed lives in the first century, Acts 2:37. It caused people to change how they would live, Acts 19:17-19.

The resurrection of Jesus is to be of first importance in our lives, 1 Corinthians 15:1-3.

  1. Many have been taught about the resurrection of Jesus for a long time. But do they really believe it to be true? They should! We should. God has given us evidence for us to know that it is true. The evidence should change our lives! (For more study on the resurrection of Jesus, I recommend studying Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. I also recommend checking out my book recommendations. Under the religious section consider buying books #7, #8, and especially #11).
  2. Because of the resurrection of Jesus, our relationship with Him should be the most important relationship in our lives.
  3. The resurrection of Jesus should change how we view life. What is it that really matters in life? Is it how many Facebook likes we get on our posts? Is it whether we have the latest phone? Is it how popular we may be at school? Is it how far we succeed in sports? These things will come and go.
  4. What really matters is the fact that Jesus rose from the grave. What really matters is that God came in the flesh and lived on this earth to save us from sin. What really matters is realizing that one day we will die and be raised and stand before Him, Acts 17:30-31.
  5. The truth is that the resurrection of Jesus should impact every decision we make We measure our time by the life of Jesus.

His life should affect how we spend the rest of our days.

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